Jeanette Nørgaard

Since Jeanette graduated as a character animator from The Animation Workshop in 2009, she has been working freelance on various projects including music videos, breakers, illustrations and digital musical sets. One of the projects is an environmental breaker for national television produced by the Viborg-based animation company Mark Film. Jeanette worked on the various stages of the project such as visual concept development, directing, design, animation, compositing.

Jeanette is the co-founder of a new animation collective in Viborg, Nørlum. The strength of the company is that it offers one face to the public, but in actuality it comprises a number of animation companies that work on different aspects of the same animation project.

It Sucks!! is a mobile campaign film produced for Perron 3, Slagelse Municipality, and Jeanette worked on all stages of the project from concept to finished product. Perron 3 is an offer for persons the age of 13-24 years who want help to get their consumption of drugs or alcohol under control. For more information see

The music video is set in a garden and shows the cycle of a creature that looks similar to a fire fly. The creature looks like living flowers and is born out of a tree in the garden. The film contains calm beauty, drama, sorrow and voodoo. It portrays the eternal cycle of the flower-butterflies, and it may seem that time stands still in the garden, where event repeats itself day after day. There is also an old woman involved in the story.

This is the first of two animated music videos for the Crystal Sky Butterfly webpage, which Jeanette will create from concept design to finished film. The films will constitute the visual identity to the digital, musical project which is already highly visual in its musical nature. The second music video is in production.

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