Alice Cohen

“Alice Cohen is a Brooklyn based artist and musician. Her animated films often feature beautiful imagery and exquisite patterns moving and overlapping with spontaneous, DIY energy. Her lovingly accumulated source material evokes lost eras. Silent film actors, Victorian families, plants and animals from some natural paradise, hippies, space-age architecture and medieval castles all co-exist, often in the form of cut-out photocopies from books and magazines, as well as drawings, material, found objects and video footage. What unifies all this in such an effective and deceptively effortless way is Alice’s vision. As she describes in the interview below, her process of experimentation is critical to her being able to tap into the feeling of the piece. In her music videos she tunes right into the spirit of the song, bringing out humour, mystery or tension through animation. In her non-music video work she often creates a gorgeous sense of reverie that connects to her interest in trance states and the ‘zone’ of creativity.”
Edge of Frame, Edwin Rostron

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