Cleo Harrington

Cleo Harrington describes herself as a feminist artist and indeed her first animated film 100 Square Inches of White (created with paper cut outs and filmed in Super 8) was selected by Spare Rib Magazine for the Bracknell Video Festival.

She began her path into animation while on a Fine Arts degree. She had loads of ideas for live action but found it so much easier to have control over her actors, lighting and scenery by drawing it all out instead.

Cleo graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1992 with her film ‘Grow Up’. – a pioneering mix of 16mm live action and Apple Mac computer generated imagery combined on cutting edge software – was selected for the Edinburgh Film Festival and also for the Channel 4 Fourmations television series.

After graduating Cleo spent several years in the newly emerging multimedia industry working on computer based projects such as the award winning BBC Mousehole Cat film, the interactive CD Rom works – Pips In Tunneland, and Wordprof Learn French Series.
Cleo then became interested in teaching and was lucky enough to become a visiting lecturer at several colleges including: The RCA, The American College in London, Southwark College, University of Wales (Newport) and Kensington and Chelsea Youth Services.
Cleo writes all her own material and in 2013 penned a play ‘Wrapped in The Sun’ which was selected for the Camden Fringe Festival – her first foray into the theatre.

Most recently Cleo has focused on her illustration work and just completed a series of illustrations for the eminent CBT therapist Professor Windy Dryden’s forthcoming revised edition of – 10 Steps to Positive Living.

Cleo is currently embarking on creating her first semi autobiographical Graphic Novel which will have a feminist edge and a dark comedic streak.