Dóra Keresztes

From Wikipedia:
Dóra Keresztes (born October 3, 1953, Budapest) Hungarian painter, printmaker, illustrator, graphic designer and animated film director.
She graduated from the Hungarian University of Arts And Design) in Budapest as pupil of István Balogh, György Haiman, János Kass and Ernő Rubik. She started her career with book designs and illustrations mainly for children and contemporary Hungarian literature. Later on the film and theater posters came to the center of her interest and she was art director and designer of the “Muses” Cultural Magazine in Budapest. Beside her design activity she is an independent fine artist, stage designer and director of animated films. Her works have been shown in exhibitions, biennials and film festivals both in Hungary and abroad. Vice president of the Society of Hungarian Illustrators, film director in PannóniaFilm Studio, co-founder of Hungarian Poster Society. She works as a free lance designer in her own design studio.