Iriz Pääbo

Originally pursuing music since childhood, Iriz became inspired towards animation as well after seeing the movie “Yellow Submarine” and set off to create her own animation in the traditional fashion. The first one led to Ontario Arts Council and Canada Arts Council grants that enabled her to do several more until “Leaving the Poisons Behind” was accepted into the Toronto Film Festival of 1991, and with that distinction, did the rounds of film festivals all over the world for a number of years. Because of her musical background, she pursued a unique approach of developing music and animated visuals in unison instead of the traditional approach of creating the one first and adding the other to suit. Around 2000, the National Film Board of Canada, the reputed innovator in animation film, accepted a proposal from her and financed and produced the animation “Loon Dreaming”, this one now created using the latest 2D computer animation techniques. “Loon Dreaming” won Best Shortfilm at the Montreal Film Festival 2002. She is currently working on a second work for the National Film Board, this one expanding the art into interractivity.

HA’Aki, Iriz Pääbo, provided by the National Film Board of Canada