Janet Perlman

Biography from website: http://www.janetperlman.com/biography.html

“I am a writer and director of animated films, and an author and illustrator of children’s books.

As an animation director I’ve worked extensively for the National Film Board of Canada, and with other studios around the world including Acme FilmWorks, International Rocketship Limited, and with my own production company, Hulascope Studio.

Some of my films are profoundly silly, made for no other reason than the joy of making them. Others use humour to address serious subjects. I developed the ShowPeace Series, which deals with conflict resolution, for The National Film Board of Canada. Why Me? (directed with Derek Lamb) deals with the subject of death, and Bully Dance is about bullying.

Many of these films have received awards, notably an OscarĀ® nomination, an Emmy, a few festival grand prizes, and the highly-coveted Best Bad Taste Award at Ottawa.”


Lady Fishbourne’s Complete Guide to Better Table Manners, Janet Perlman, National Film Board of Canada