Jennifer Cardon Klein

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Born 1977-

· She has been an animator, a storyboard artist, and an independent director/producer

*Bio Summary:*

*Early Life/Family*
· Born in Garden Grove, CA to a Dutch-Indo father and American mother. Mother was very supportive of her artistic ability and enrolled her into photography and painting courses at a very young age. Cardon-Klien realized she wanted to animate at the age of 8 after repeatedly watching Robin Hood and being mesmerized by it.

· During High School, she enrolled in an after school class called Rowland Animation. In it, high-schoolers created short films using 2D traditional techniques and Claymation. She was in it from 10th grade to 12th grade and made one film a year. After creating a portfolio of films and work she created in high school, she was accepted into an apprenticeship at Warner Bros Feature Animation.

*Career Outline:*
· Worked on a few major films as an animator with Warner Bros, Disney, and Dreamworks
· Switched roles from animator to an independent director/producer in the mid-2000s
· She now produces, animates, and directs short films for children independently