Jennifer Levonian

From Edge of Frame, Edwin Rostron:

Jennifer Levonian’s animated films fuse elements of documentary with fiction to create a unique and joyful vision of the world. They show us an everyday reality of suburbs, supermarkets and neighbourhoods in which the absurd, the surreal, the heartbreaking and the hilarious are continually taking place. Often constructed of cut-outs painted in vivid watercolour, they have a hand-made quality that is at once wonky and exquisite. The particularities of her characters’ speech and actions are as beautifully observed as the details of product packaging and domestic interiors. The way these details are put together through animation creates a heightened but recognisable world, often very funny, and seemingly completely imbued with the personality of the artist in every aspect. There is something about the pacing and the structure of these films and the sense of time and space they create which makes it feel like we are just seeing parts of a whole world taking place. That this is all presented using painted bits of paper, the materiality of which we are never unaware of, only enriches our enjoyment of the work.

Buffalo Milk Yogurt from Jennifer Levonian on Vimeo.