Julia Veldman C.

Julia Veldman was born in Groningen, the Netherlands in 1988. Four years later she decided she wanted to be Julia Veldman C. And because she’s the sort of person that sticks to her guns, she’s still Julia Veldman C. Now she focuses her determination on making animated film.

During her studies at Design academy Eindhoven (where she was accepted after a heartfelt speech about the meaningfulness of a well designed potato peeler) she realized that telling stories through film was what she really wanted to do. She learned herself to animate using paper, ink and a flatbed scanner.

In the process of making her films she has developed a very personal technique of making animation, and in her debut Andrej (2015) she showed her fascination for dynamic camera movement, the contrast between black and white and the three-dimensionality of shapes.

Since then she has worked on a wide array of commissions, among others for the New York Times, PBS, MTV, Het Zuidelijk Toneel and a chapter in the award winning documentary Nuts!

She’s in the process of developing more personal projects and collaborations,

Julia Veldman C. works and lives in New York.