Kathryn Durst

From http://www.kathryndurst.com/#!our_story/c1se:
Kathryn has a passion for illustration, design, animation, film and puppetry! She attended Sheridan College for the Bachelor of Applied Arts – 2D Animation Program and graduated in 2013. In her third year, she completed her internship at Pixar Animation Studios for storyboarding. She loves working on children’s entertainment, publictions, and media – especially kid’s books and television series. She is currently based out of Toronto, Canada.


Thesis film ‘Doggy See, Doggy Do’ accepted to
‘Good Dog Film Festival’ – Australia, 2012
“Burlington Animation Festival” 2012
“Toronto Animation Arts Festival International” (TAAFI)
where film won viewer’s Choice Award. 2012

Received Town of Oakville Award for Excellence in Animation 2012