Lesley Keen

Website: www.totallyimmersed.com/

Biography from her studio website, Total Immersion:
“Total Immersion is built on the talents and experience of its founder Lesley Keen. Lesley graduated in graphic design from the Glasgow School of Art and trained as an animator at the Brothers-in-Tricks studios at Barrandov in Prague. technology business creativity

Animation has been a means to an end for Lesley, whose personal work has explored many aspects of non-narrative film making, frequently using mythology as subject matter. It is all about bringing to life concepts that could not be made visible by any other means.

Lesley’s first foray into 2d computer animation was in 1975 and the combination of technological innovation and creative expression has remained at the heart of her work. Having worked on developing experimental 2d animation systems at both Cambridge and Glasgow Universities, Lesley later worked with a technology group in Belgium, developing a painterly animation software that sees all of these experiments finally being brought into a professional animation production platform.”

Invocation – an Ancient Greek Creation Myth from Total Immersion on Vimeo.