Lindsey Adams

“Lindsey has known since she was a little girl that she wanted to work in animation and she has pretty much been on a mission ever since. After earning an Honours Degree in Computer Animation from the University of Teesside, Lindsey moved to Edinburgh to get started in her dream career. She started out as Assistant to the Executive Producer at DC Thompson before moving to Red Kite Animation as a Production Coordinator. Lindsey soon became Production Manager on the BAFTA-nominated Dennis the Menace and Gnasher (CBBC, Nine Networks Australia) and the International Emmy-nominated Ask Lara (BBC, TVC, VRPO). Lindsey relocated to Dublin, Ireland in 2013 to assume the role of Production Manager on Boj (Cbeebies, PBS, RTEjr, S4C) and then Wildernuts Series 2 (RTEjr, TinyPop) for Kavaleer Productions. In 2015 Lindsey founded Daily Madness Productions and since setting up the business she has taken on a Producer role for multiple companies and their animated shows including Kiva Can Do! (Kavaleer Productions for RTEjr, Nickjr), Space Chickens In Space (Gingerbread Animation for Disney EMEA, Nine Networks Australia), Critters TV (Turnip & Duck for RTEjr), Ollie (Ink and Light films for RTEjr, KetNet). She also served as Consulting Producer on Netflix Original CG series Buddi (Unanico) as well as producing several projects for Axis Animation in Glasgow, Scotland. Lindsey is currently the director and producer of a new series called Pins and Nettie that she created alongside Shannon George.”