Lynn Dana Wilton


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Lynn Dana Wilton’s animation has been ‘one foot in commercial/one foot in indie’ for over 20 years.  Trained in classical (Sheridan) but, blending experience from institutional interior design (BAAID – Ryerson), her animation/filmmaking has leant predominantly to a range of stop-motion (3D puppets, cutouts, sand, objects, etc.). 

Independent film, TV series & specials, advertising, interstitials, anijams, documentaries, … she’s made or contributed award-winning work for herself or folk as diverse as Sesame St., Teletoon, Charlie Tyrell, Alliance-Atlantis, Nickelodeon, Chris Dainty/NFB, Warners, CBC, Amanda Strong, Logo, BBC, et. al. 

Lynn’s taught and lectured internationally.  Additionally, both her own and film/installation work done with/for several fine artists has exhibited in galleries, independent film centres, and museums across North America. 

She frequently works with TAIS and was TPL’s first animation resident for their “Artist In the Library” programme, integrating community projects into “10,000 … Or So”.  Shorts such as “(Re)Cycle”, “Celestial Red & Blue”, “Robot Monster Us”, “Chrysalis”, and “Fan (Fan) Fiction” travel to festivals around the world.