María Manero Muro

Azagra, Navarra, 1986
She combines Fine Arts studies and Animation techniques to create genuine films and projects that involve all kinds of artistic expression.
“Animation is just the perfect excuse to create a new world out of limits”
During the Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Basque Country she realizes the massive possibilities that animation could have and decided to participate on different kind of projects such as Mapping on facades, animated theater and a short film which was made out of a combination of techniques, this last one film gave her the chance to reach her last goal, studying the MA in StopMotion Animation at the University of the West of England, UK. That was possible thanks to the Grant of Extension of Artistic Studies of the Government of Navarra. She then decided to continue her studies on direction for animation at the Master de Animación at UPV, Valencia, where she could develop a shortfilm named PATCHWORK. This last step was possible thanks to another grant, CAN Foundation Grant.

PATCHWORK from Maria Manero Muro on Vimeo.