Regina Pessoa

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Regina Pessoa was born in Coimbra (Portugal) in 1969: “I lived in the countryside in a small village near Coimbra until I was 17 years-old. My entire universe was rural. We didn’t have television, which was very boring… but now, thinking things over, maybe it saved me as we read and listened to our elders telling stories.”

Graduated from Oporto’s Fine Art’s School, in 1992 she started on the animation of Abi Feijó’s films (“The Outlaws”, “Fado Lusitano” and “Stowaway”) and was also co-author of “Vicious Cycle” and “Christmas Stars”.
In 1999, she directed and animated her first independent film “The Night”.
In 2005 she directed her second short animation film, “Tragic Story with Happy Ending”.
In 2012 she finished “Kali the little Vampire, a co-production Portugal-France-Canada and Switzerland.
In all this films she have used different engraving techniques, from plaster to computer or as she like to say: “from stone to Pixel”:
“When I was a child, my uncle used to draw on the walls and doors of my grandmother’s home with pieces of coal. Seeing him do this gave us a sense of freedom because we didn’t have paper and pencils but we always had walls and doors. Maybe this stayed with me unconsciously because later, it’s already the third film I made using engraving techniques”, she recalls.

Her films has since gone on to win prizes around the world, including Grand Prix SICAF 2006 – South Korea; Grand Prix Annecy’06 – France; Grand Prix Animated Shorts SXSW 2007(South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival) – USA; “Oscars” 2007 Shortlist – USA; Hiroshima Prize 2012, etc.