Sarah Airriess

From Airriess’ website:
“Sarah Airriess is currently working on a graphic novel adaptation of The Worst Journey in the World, with the help of the Scott Polar Research Institute, numerous interested and friendly experts, and the generosity of her supporters on Patreon, where the development of the book is shared.

Drawing is a passion, profession, hobby, and principal mode of communication, though she has also been known to natter on about things that have been grinding through the mental mill. It could be argued she thinks too much, but what is too much? Discuss.

One certainty is that she tends to use the third person on ‘About’ pages. Experts have yet to determine why.

More career-relevant information can be found on Sarah’s LinkedIn profile.”

Sarah Airriess – Animation Reel (Updated January 2017) from S. Airriess on Vimeo.