Silvia Carpizo

Graduated in Art History, she studied the Master of Animation of the UPV, where she made her first animated short film, Alienation (2013), winner of several awards and selected in more than 90 national and international festivals and with which she discovered the animation as a discipline that encompasses her two great vocations since she was a child: cinematographic language and drawing.
She has experimented with different techniques of animation, but the one that has made her own is the mural animation, where she combines experimental 2D animation with existing graffiti, with a conceptual theme and great social impact in her story. She has also participated in the short film El gato baila con su sombra (María Lorenzo, 2012), and her short film Without Breath (Un respiro, 2015) selected by the Cátedra Internacional Arte y Enfermedades de la UPV for exhibition in numerous European exhibitions of contemporary art. She currently directs The Neverending Wall, 2016, beginning her career as a filmmaker and producer, with institutional and cinematographic cultural support.