Sine Özbilge

Sine Özbilge is a multidisciplinary artist with a strong focus on animation and mixed-media. She holds a BA in ‘Design and Arts’ from the Libera Università di Bolzano FUB Italy, as well as an MA in ‘Animation’ from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts KASK Belgium. She has been mentored by Aldo Cibic – the contemporary successor of the renowned Italian Memphis Designer Ettore Sottsass as well as valuable artists such as Han Hoogerbrugge. Sine works often in a duo on multiple projects with her sister Imge Özbilge. While Imge tackles societal matters, Sine creates obscure worlds where subconscious desires, conflicts and struggles metamorphose into absurd and surreal artworks. These often have a mixed media basis where animation and live-action metamorphose in order to explore new connotations, narrations and stylistic forms. Her work focuses on Femininity, the Subconscious, Art history, Post-net aesthetics and Absurdism.