Solweig von Kleist

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Solweig von Kleist is an animation film director and visual artist.
She was born in Würzburg, Germany and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin (West). In 1983 she was granted one year of studies at the department of Film Graphics at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia/ California. In 1985 she moved to Paris where she now lives and works nearby.

Solweig has made three short animated films exploring different techniques of handmade animation, awarded international prizes: CRIMINAL TANGO (1985, scratch animation); PANTA RHEI- EVERYTHING FLOWS (1992, drawing on paper); ROMANCE OF THE HEART (1996, cel animation).
In 1986, she designed and animated a sequence of the video clip “Underground” by David Bowie.

Her recent cinematographic objects and installations, as well live animation performances combining painting and animation film have been shown in France, Japan, Taiwan, Poland and Slovenia.

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