Stella Harvey

Written by Jez Stewart for his post Staff snapshot – 1946: Part 2:

“Stella studied Commercial Art at the Central School of Arts and Crafts through most of the war thanks to a school scholarship, and was on the verge of being called up for the Land Army when she got a referral to work at H&B through a friend’s cousin. Because the company was working on films for the war effort she could work there rather than be called up, and liked it so much she managed to stay for a few years. She worked as an inbetweener, and enjoyed the atmosphere of the studio – especially Wally – but her true interest was commercial art and she moved on by the late forties and left animation behind.
(Stella was interviewed by Vivien Halas in Martin Pickles c.2010)”



Jez Stewart, post Staff Snapshot – 1946: Part 2: