Wally Crook

Compiled by Skye Lobell

Rosalie Walta “Wally” Crook
Written by Jez Stewart for the post Staff snapshot – 1946: Part 1:
“Rosalie Walta Crook – better known as Wally Crook – is one of the most enigmatic figures in British animation history but is sadly little known. Born in Romford in 1914, she was nicknamed “Wally” after the father she never met – he died shortly before she was born. She first pops up on the map at Anson Dyer’s studio in Hammersmith around 1940, but may have had some animation experience before then. She moved with Dyer’s studio to Stroud when it was relocated to avoid the blitz but returned to London and joined Halas & Batchelor around 1942.
She was remembered by those who worked with her as the “queen” of the animation room; she seems to have been a kind, funny and engaging personality, and was also the union shop steward. Her reputation was also built on her prowess as an animator, and she was listed as Halas & Batchelor’s key animator in the company’s listings in the Kine Year Book.
She left Halas & Batchelor around 1951 and moved to the Larkins Studio, and was moved to the animation department of Guild Television Services at the start of commercial television in the UK in 1955. Troubled by asthma throughout her life she died in 1961 at the age of 46 – her father died at the same age.”

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