Yuriko Senoo

Website: https://yurikosenoo.weebly.com/resume.html

Yuriko Senoo has worked at Disney for nearly 20 years, initially with Walt Disney Animation Studios as an animator on a host of Disney films, including “Tangled,” “Tick Tock,” “Bolt,” “Super Rhino,” “Meet the Robinsons,” “Chicken Little,” “Kangaroo Jack,” “Reign of Fire,” “Magic Lamp” and “Dinosaur.” Her first Disney role, beginning in 1995, was as a look development and lighting artist on “Fantasia 2000.” Senoo has been with Disneytoon Studios since Aug. 2010, serving as animation supervisor on “Secret of the Wings,” and “The Pirate Fairy.”

She developed an interest in computer graphics in high school, ultimately earning her BA in visual arts and computer science at Columbia University. She earned her MS in computer science from Columbia University’s Engineering School. After hearing John Lasseter speak at a SIGGRAPH conference, decided to follow in his footsteps, spending a year of graduate school at CalArts School of Film/Video. She earned her MFA in film/video/computer animation from USC School of Cinema-Television.